I’d like to think that we’re at a point in history where most people understand and appreciate that sex is about more than reproduction. Even so, I’d say few are aware of just what is possible in this realm, which feels like an incredible missed opportunity because, let me tell you, it’s quite the (pleasurable) rabbit hole.

Even when the purpose is reproduction, there are myriad considerations that can elevate the experience and potentially even the outcomes of sex. I’ve witnessed friends trying to get pregnant and it can seem so mechanical – the temperature checks, the fertility charts – all very helpful I’m sure, but consider how the experience might go over if intention, ritual and sacredness were included as necessary to this process.

This intent is fundamental to engaging in sex for the purpose of regeneration. Sex is after all, at it’s best, a healing modality. Self pleasuring or partner practices that are done with breathing and visualization techniques can promote the release of hormones that help offset the impacts of trauma on our nervous system, and can clear emotional blocks.

And then there is just the deep state of bliss that come with orgasms. If you’ve ever had an orgasm, you may have noticed that during that rush, you get a brief reprieve from your thoughts and time seems to stand still. Sounds a little like what mystics described as “enlightenment”, right?! Now imagine extending that experience more and more over time, so that you linger in this state a longer. It’s transformative.

Over time, allowing for these states of expanded bliss, can make you more magnetic so that you’re attracting the things you desire into your life. Of course, you can enter your practices with this as a goal by focusing and directing the energy of your heart with your genitals. Did you know that the heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body? It’s magical stuff.

These are just glimpses of what’s possible and some of it sounds a little abstract, but it’s one of those things you just have to experience. My one caveat is, if you are interested in exploring, especially the more metaphysical practices, please do yourself a favour and seek out the guidance of an tantra practitioner. This is potent medicine!